MADE-TO-MEASURE ITALIAN CERAMICS. Custom-made decorations on ceramics

Uptiles was founded in 1980 as a third-firing ceramic decoration company.

Uptiles does not sell directly to the public, as we have always focused our attention on business-to-business partnerships.

While remaining true to its origins and attentive to the needs of an increasingly demanding and diversified ceramic market, Uptiles today focuses on custom-made ceramic decoration of floor and wall tiles, highlighting the art of decoration as a distinguishing feature of surfaces.

We welcomed the recent advent of large slabs with enthusiasm, launching a dedicated research process for slabs up to 160x320cm in size, named ‘Oltremisura’.

Uptiles produces ceramics for floor and wall coverings, all 100% Made in Italy.

The entire production process is handled in-house, thanks to the close synergy between our team of planners and designers, our technical lab and the production department. From graphic design to printing, which we also handle in-house, the watchword is research into new solutions to continuously improve the quality of the end product.