OLTREMISURA proposes a range of surfaces for floors and walls created to expand the boundaries of ceramic projects.

The latest trends in interior design reveal growing interest on the part of architects and designers for versatile solutions, airy spaces and large surfaces.

Regardless of the size and style of the project, which can be classic or contemporary, what links the most refined projects is meticulous attention to detail and maximum visual continuity.

To meet these design requirements, the ceramic offering is boosted with large sized slabs that combine technical and stylistic potential.

OLTREMISURA slabs offer interior designers a wide array of materials, sizes and finishes that allow them to highlight decorative solutions, enhancing the striking visual impact of both interior and exterior spaces.

Each slab is made with incredible attention to detail, the final appearance carefully configured using technology to emphasise the large surface.

Our sizes, 60×60 cm -120×240 cm – 160x320 cm – all combine lightness, versatility and technical & aesthetic performance courtesy of cutting-edge production technologies.